Thursday, June 26, 2014


The moment has finally arrived! The very first Ventrilotwist figure is here!

This cute cat is a quite the unique figure! Not only is the head sculpted by hand (absolutely no molds are used!), but the body is sculpted as well. Both are made from a lightweight epoxy dough. The character features a slightly menacing expression that adds to it's individualism. The figure is finished primarily in flat black, adding additional character. He features hand-painted yellow eyes, pink tongue, and glossy black nose. The mouth control is a simple metal loop on a string. This allows for either right-handed or left-handed control. The tail is controlled by a string running diagonally across the front wall of the body. It need only be tapped by any available finger to trigger the tail movement. The figure is a little more than 17" tall.

Features include:
  • Hand-sculpted head
  • Hand-sculpted body
  • Moving jaw (see video below)
  • Moving tail (see video below)
  • Right or left-handed control
  • Wide range of neck movement (see video below)
  • Magnetic head closure for easy access in case repairs are needed
  • Felt-lined headstick entry hole to prevent damage from the neck rubbing on the body
  • Removable elastic headstick lock holds head in upright position when not in use (or during use, but removing the elastic allows for greater head movement)

Check out the video:

The bottom line:
This unique figure is available for $550 $400 USD. This price does not include shipping or taxes which will depend on your location.

More photos: